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The function of bio organic fertilizer in agricultural production

Bio organic fertilizer is an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly microbial - organic compound fertilizer formed by the combination of a variety of beneficial microbial flora and organic fertilizer. It combines the advantages of organic fertilizer and compound microbial fertilizer, can effectively improve fertilizer utilization rate, regulate plant metabolism, and enhance root activity and nutrient absorption capacity.

The production technology of bio-organic fertilizer is higher than that of ordinary organic fertilizer. In addition to adding bio-agent to promote the maturation and decomposition of organic materials, microorganisms with specific functions are added to fertilizer production to improve the quality and effect of products. In order to meet the needs of mechanized operation in agricultural production, bio-organic fertilizers are mostly granular, mainly used in food crops, feed crops, cash crops, vegetables and fruit trees. Bio organic fertilizer production line is used widely in agricultural production by deep processing of bio-organic fertilizer into high-quality fertilizer granules.
bio organic fertilizer production
Bio organic fertilizer can improve crop yield and quality, overcome the shortcomings of single nutrient and unbalanced fertilizer supply. It pays attention to the complementary effect of nutrients combined with bio-organic and inorganic. After application, it can not only increase crop yield, but also effectively improve crop quality and improve the safety of agricultural products.

Bio organic fertilizer has gradually become the trend of fertilizer industry production. The application of bio organic fertilizer production line will create good conditions for the industrialization of green food and organic food.