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Benefits from vermicompost organic fertilizer production

Vermicompost is a black, homogeneous, natural earthy fragrant substance with loose and porous granular structure. Compared with other fertilizers, vermicompost organic fertilizer is a kind of odorless, odorless, granular, high-quality fertilizer with complete contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is also a natural green fertilizer with sufficient and lasting fertility. Vermicompost organic fertilizer can also increase the number of plankton in water body.

The advantages of vermicompost organic fertilizer production:
Ordinary organic fertilizer does not convert all kinds of nutrients into simple substances which are easy to dissolve in water. Various nutrients are irregular mixtures and are not easily absorbed by plants, while vermicompost organic fertilizer is very easy to be absorbed by plants.
Vermicompost organic fertilizer is a solid aggregate structure, water retention, drainage, long-term use will not be dispersed and compacted, which ordinary organic fertilizer can not do.
Vermicompost organic fertilizer is rich in humic acid and a large number of beneficial microorganisms, 18 kinds of amino acids and a variety of trace elements, which are very little in ordinary organic fertilizer.
Vermicompost organic fertilizer contains antagonistic microorganisms, which can inhibit soil-borne diseases, but there is no such microorganism in common organic fertilizer.
vermicompost organic fertilizer production
Using vermicompost to produce various special organic fertilizers for planting can shorten the seedling-raising period, promote vegetable growth, improve vegetable quality, increase vegetable yield, improve plant resistance to diseases and insect pests, and reduce the incidence of soil-borne diseases.