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Tianci brand double roller fertilizer granulator has good granulation effect

Double roller fertilizer granulator is a new type of environmental protection granulator developed by Tianci fertilizer equipment company according to the market demand in recent years. The granulator has advanced technology, professional science, lower failure rate, beautiful appearance and full and uniform particles.

How to granulate with double roller fertilizer granulator

The roller press pelletizer can be regarded as a non chemical reaction pelletizing process. Since the product is always dry and does not need to be dried, the fertilizer manufacturing process has low energy consumption, simple process, and avoids the loss of nitrogen due to high temperature and does not pollute the environment.

The roller press granulator is composed of a feeding device, two parallel and parallel rollers which rotate relative to each other. The axis line of one roller is fixed, and the axis line of the other roller can be moved in parallel. There is accurate small gap between the two rollers. The size of the clearance is adjusted by the moving axis of the push rod of two or four hydraulic cylinders to maintain a constant extrusion pressure. The pressure in the hydraulic cylinder can be adjusted by the hydraulic circuit.
double roller fertilizer granulator

The key of NPK fertilizer production process

The key to the production of fertilizer is to control the water content, which is generally 6% - 8%. When superphosphate is contained in the base material, the superphosphate must be pretreated and dried to neutralize the free acid. Before the NPK fertilizer granulation production process, it is best to screen the materials first to remove the iron filings and so on, so as not to damage the machine.

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