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Powerful function of cow manure organic fertilizer compost turner machine

In the production of organic fertilizer, the windrow turner machine is a very widely used organic fertilizer production equipment. The windrow turner machine has high efficiency in processing cow dung compost and the product quality is good. So what is the market price and function of such an organic fertilizer turning machine?

The function of windrow turner

1. Mixing function in raw material conditioning. In order to adjust the ratio of carbon to nitrogen, pH value and water content of raw materials, some auxiliary materials must be added. The main raw materials and various auxiliary materials roughly piled together according to the proportion can be mixed evenly by the dumper to achieve the purpose of tempering.

2.Windrow turner mediate the temperature of the stockpile. During the turning and throwing machine operation, the raw material pellets are fully contacted and mixed with the air, and a large amount of fresh air can be contained in the pile, which helps aerobic microorganisms to actively generate fermentation heat and raise the pile temperature; when the temperature is high, fresh air is replenished The reactor temperature can be reduced. A state of temperature cycle alternation is formed, and various beneficial microorganisms rapidly grow and reproduce in the temperature range to which they are adapted.

3. Windrow turner improve the permeability of raw material pile. The turnover system can process the material into small lumps, making the thick and dense material pile become fluffy and elastic, forming appropriate porosity.

4. Windrow turner adjust the water content of the raw material pile. The suitable water content of raw material fermentation is above 55%, and the water standard of finished organic fertilizer is below 30%. In fermentation, biochemical reaction will generate new water, and microorganism consumption of raw materials will make water lose carrier and free out. Therefore, in addition to the evaporation formed by heat conduction, the flipping of raw materials will promote the rapid emission of water vapor.
windrow turner
Cow manure is a high-quality organic fertilizer raw material after composting, and can be made into different types of products through different fertilizer manufacturing process