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The main function of organic fertilizer fermentation turning compost

In the process of composting straw, poultry manure and plant waste, the treatment of organic fertilizer production equipment is needed. Through the processing of the windrow turning machine, the organic fertilizer is matured.

The function of windrow turner

Turning over pile can prevent the phenomenon of bad ventilation by mixing and stacking materials. Tossing fermentation materials can prevent the production of lumps, supplement fresh air, prevent the emission of ammonia based gas, and also promote the heat produced by fermentation to make water evaporate. The fermented organic fertilizer can be made into a special fertilizer by using a fertilizer granulator machine, or it can be directly used after being crushed.
windrow turner

Processing frequency of windrow turner

In the cold season, when the outside temperature is lower than 10℃, a lot of heat will be released when stirring and turning over the pile, so it is difficult to make the temperature rise, on the contrary, sometimes it will cause the temperature to fall. Therefore, we need to manage the frequency of mixing and turning piles to reduce the amount of heat discharged. If necessary, we need to raise the temperature of the air in. In the second fermentation, the speed of decomposition reaction slows down and the heat produced is less, so the frequency of stirring and turning can also be reduced. In the second fermentation, if a large amount of heat is produced continuously, the time of the first fermentation is insufficient. Raw materials in cold season may not be able to fully decompose in the set fermentation period. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the frequency of stirring and turning over in the first half of the second fermentation, and carry out operation management to ensure the production of high-quality compost products.