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Treatment of organic fertilizer equipment in pre-fermentation period

There are many kinds of raw materials for organic fertilizer production. The quality of raw material treatment in the early stage of fermentation will directly affect the subsequent production. Therefore, the pre-fermentation treatment should vary according to the raw materials, and different processes and organic fertilizer equipment should be selected for different materials.

Organic fertilizer equipment crusher machine
Organic fertilizer factories are generally built near the raw material supply. They have their main sources of raw materials. According to the characteristics of raw materials, different grinders are selected to treat organic fertilizer before fermentation. Most organic raw materials are materials with high moisture content and easy to agglomerate, such as various waste residues, some livestock manure, and sludge, while the moisture content of raw materials which need to be crushed is low. When these materials are crushed, they should not be crushed too fine. Otherwise, the oxygen flow in fermentation products will be affected.
For long fiber materials, such as straw, conventional straw crusher can be used to crush. When crushing, the sieve hole can be adjusted to meet the requirement of fermentation granularity without grinding too fine. Or it can be cut into about inch-long fragments by a general lawn cutter for fermentation.
straw crusher machine of organic fertilizer equipment straw crusher
For grain processing wastes, such as rice husk, corn cob, cake and other materials, because of its low moisture content, the general hammer mill can be used to achieve satisfactory results.
For fresh wood, such as pruned branches, flowers and grass, a special branch crusher is needed; for dry wood, a wood crusher is used.

Organic fertilizer equipment compost turning machine
Organic raw materials such as animal manure have high humidity and cohesiveness, while auxiliary materials such as straw are relatively dry and light, and the moisture content and density of various materials vary greatly, so it is necessary to mix all kinds of materials evenly in organic fertilizer fermentation. In industrial production, turn material is usually selected in fermentation tank. The use of dump machine not only reduces the pretreatment process before fermentation, but also helps organic fertilizer get enough oxygen during fermentation, increases the contact area between material and air, and makes material even turning throw..

In order to improve the efficiency of the organic fertilizer production line, the organic fertilizer factory should select the fertilizer crusher and turning machine according to its actual raw material situation and technological requirements, so as to improve the material fermentation and the quality of organic fertilizer.