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Processing and advantages of organic fertilizer from livestock and poultry farms

The harmless treatment of livestock and poultry manure is a biological reaction system. In this process, microorganisms continue to multiply and species renewal, and there are physical and chemical changes. When poultry and livestock manure is processed into organic fertilizer, it is necessary not only to ensure that the manure is thoroughly treated harmlessly, but also to improve the treatment efficiency.

There are a lot of animal manure produced in farms every day. The scale treatment of harmless feces can solve the problem of environmental pollution, which caused by large-scale farm manure. This process turn waste into treasure, and achieve sustainable economic development. Feces are processed by organic fertilizer factories after fermentation, and then granulated after adding some nutrients to form high-quality commercial organic fertilizer. This treated manure for farming and provided manure such as organic manure and biogas slurry.

The basic process of processing livestock manure is as follows: adding bacteria to livestock manure, material fermentation, turning machine turn material , screening, mixing inorganic nutrients, granulating, drying, cooling and packaging.

Benefits of the scale of organic fertilizer equipment for the treatment of livestock manure:
1) Pathogenic bacteria of livestock and poultry excreta are effectively controlled and safely treated and utilized.
2) Zero emission of major pollutants from farms;
3) Forming sustainable development and benign circular aquaculture economy.

Organic fertilizers fermented by animal manure are beneficial to improving the utilization of fertilizers in soil, promoting plants to absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients, improving the damage of chemical fertilizers to soil, food security and health of production, and promoting the development of environmental protection economy and the construction of ecological civilization.