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Treatment scheme of manure organic fertilizer in cattle farm

After cattle dung is made into fertilizer, it helps to improve the organic matter and fertility of the soil, and improve the soil physical and chemical environment and microbial environment. However, if the manure is not composted and decomposed directly into the farmland, it will consume the oxygen in the soil, resulting in high temperature, which will burn the root system of crops and produce pathogenic bacteria and harmful substances. It will not only fail to increase production, but also lead to secondary pollution of soil, water, atmosphere and agricultural products. Therefore, cow dung must be made of organic fertilizer manufacturing machine for composting, stability and harmless treatment.

Production technology of cow manure organic fertilizer

1. Pour the raw materials into the mixer for mixing, mix them evenly, then crush them, and then input them into the disc granulator machine by belt conveyor.

2. After granulation, the fertilizer is sent to the dryer for drying, and then transported to the cooler through the elevator or belt conveyor for cooling. The moisture content of the granules is less than 6%.

3. After cooling, the fertilizer enters the screening, the large granular material is crushed into fine material through the pulverizer, the fine material enters into the disc granulator, and the coarse return material enters the re granulator after being crushed.

4. The finished products are directly packed.
Production technology of cattle manure organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer enhances the resistance of crops and reduces or prevents the occurrence of diseases. After the organic fertilizer is applied to the soil, it can enhance the water storage capacity of the soil. In the case of drought, it can enhance the drought resistance of crops, and it can also loosen the soil, improve the ecological environment of crop roots, enhance root vitality, and increase crop tolerance. Reduce plant mortality and improve the survival rate of crops. Fertilizer manufacturing equipment not only solves the problem of manure treatment in cattle farms, but also uses processed organic fertilizers for crops to realize resource utilization.