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Why use organic fertilizer manufacturing machines to grow plants

The nutrient content of chemical fertilizer is high and the fertilizer efficiency is fast, but the effective period is short and the nutrient is single. Organic fertilizer is just the opposite. The mixed use of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can complement each other to meet the nutrient requirements of crops in different growth stages. Organic fertilizer manufacturing machine is indispensable for the growth of plants.

If only acid fertilizer is applied to alkaline soil, after ammonium is absorbed by plants, the remaining acid roots combine with hydrogen ions in soil to produce acid, which will lead to acid strengthening and soil hardening. If mixed with organic fertilizer, it can enhance the buffer capacity of soil, effectively adjust the pH value and prevent the increase of soil acidity. In addition, the different nutrients needed by plants are made into granules by a roller granulator, and scientifically matched, the fertilizer efficiency is better.

Organic fertilizer improves soil. The beneficial microorganisms in the microbial fertilizer can produce carbohydrates, which account for 0.1% of the soil organic matter. Combined with plant mucilage, mineral embryos and organic colloids, they can improve the soil aggregate structure, enhance the physical properties of the soil and reduce the loss of soil particles. Under suitable conditions, it can also participate in the formation of humus. Therefore, the application of the microbial fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer production equipment can improve the physical properties of the soil and help improve the soil fertility.