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Using chicken manure fertilizer in vegetable garden

The chicken manure fertilized in the vegetable garden is very good, and the demand for chicken manure is the largest. But to use it properly, you need to know something about it. Read on to learn more about composting chicken manure and how to use it in your garden.

Chicken manure used as vegetable fertilizer

The nitrogen content of chicken manure fertilizer is very high, but also contains a lot of potassium and phosphorus. High nitrogen and balanced nutrients are one of the best fertilizers. However, if the manure is not properly composted, high nitrogen in chicken manure is very dangerous to plants. Raw chicken fertilizer burns and even kills plants. Composting chicken manure can release nitrogen fertilizer and make it suitable for vegetable garden.

Fertilizer manufacturing process for composting chicken manure

Composting chicken manure gives the manure time to break down some of the more powerful nutrients, making them more suitable for plant use. Composting chicken manure is simple. If you have chicken, you can use your own chicken litter. We can also find farmers who own chickens, and they will most likely be happy to provide you with chicken waste.
The next step in composting chicken manure is to stack all the materials in a pile, add appropriate moisture, and then flip the materials every few weeks to allow air to enter the pile. Using the windrow turner machine can more easily process the fermented material.
chicken manure compost
The time to compost chicken manure depends on the composting conditions. If you are unsure of the effectiveness of chicken manure composting, you can wait up to 12 months before using chicken manure composting. And if the scale of composting is relatively large, it can be completed within 15-20 days by using compost turner equipment for centralized processing.
The chicken manure can be used after composting. Just spread the chicken manure compost evenly in the vegetable garden. Use a shovel to drive the compost into the soil. Chicken manure used to fertilize the vegetable garden will provide a good soil for your vegetable growth. You will find that using chicken manure fertilizer can make your vegetables bigger and healthier.