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Why buy chicken manure products processed by organic fertilizer production equipment

Chicken manure is a kind of high-quality organic fertilizer after thorough fermentation. The nutrient content of chicken manure is very rich, not only a large amount of organic matter, but also a high content of three elements of nutrients, so it is an efficient organic fertilizer. After the raw material is subjected to high temperature and fermentation through chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment, it can basically degrade 60% ~ 70% of antibiotics in chicken manure, reaching the requirements of harmless treatment.

Keeping proper moisture content during composting is the primary condition for successful composting. The reasonable moisture content of compost fermentation is 40% ~ 60%, and 50% ~ 60% is the best value. If the moisture content is too high, it will hinder ventilation and the temperature will not rise. The decomposition rate is obviously reduced, which is not conducive to the growth of aerobic microorganisms and easy to stink gas after anaerobic state. Low moisture content can not meet the needs of microbial growth, and organic matter is difficult to decompose.

Disadvantages of incomplete fermentation of chicken manure

If the professional organic fertilizer production line is not used for thorough fermentation of chicken manure, when the appropriate temperature and humidity are reached, the chicken manure will start to ferment, and the heat generated will burn seedlings, rotten roots, black roots, yellow leaves and yellowing, and even lead to plant death in serious cases. Especially in winter and spring, the greatest potential safety hazard is the application of chicken manure. Because of the high temperature in the greenhouse, chicken manure fermentation will emit a lot of heat, leading to root burning.
chicken manure products processed by organic fertilizer production equipment

Treatment of compost turning machine

The compost turning machine ensures the circulation of air during the fermentation process. The turner machine has a deceleration drive system, agitating components, and a fixed balance system. The working mode of the pile turning machine is: the instruction time for automatic turning can be set up every day. The machine starts to operate. When the operation reaches the end, it will touch a rotary switch. The machine will crawl back. When it reaches a fixed position, it will automatically stop and disconnect the power supply.

To remind you, it is better not to buy manure that has not been treated by farms directly. Organic waste must be treated by professional organic fertilizer production equipment before use. The organic fertilizer sold on the market is highly efficient organic fertilizer which has been fermented, decomposed and processed by machines such as disc granulator machine. Therefore, we need not worry about the quality of organic fertilizer.