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Organic fertilizer production equipment granulation machine collocation is different

Fertilizer production line equipment is not a single equipment, many customers will ask our price when they call for consultation? How many devices, dear? We will patiently answer: whether it is NPK fertilizer production line or organic fertilizer production process, they are composed of a variety of equipment, which is a whole flow process. We can choose different equipment to integrate a production line according to your production needs and actual situation. And the production capacity is different, the equipment model is different, the price is also different.

So, what are the common organic fertilizer production equipment? First of all, let's sort out the whole process of organic fertilizer production: first of all, the crushing of organic fertilizer raw materials. After the raw materials are crushed by a grinder, the fermentation and composting equipment will be used, and then the organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, cooler, finished fertilizer packaging machine, etc. In the process of fermentation, it is necessary to adjust the ratio of carbon and nitrogen in composting raw materials reasonably, which is an effective way to accelerate compost maturity and improve humification coefficient. In general, the best range of C / N is 25:1 ~ 30:1, and the reasonable range is 20:1 ~ 40:1.
organic fertilizer production equipmentorganic fertilizer production equipment

In the whole process of organic fertilizer production equipment processing, the equipment in each link is not invariable. Customers can choose different equipment composition according to their own economic conditions and final product requirements, such as organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator machine, rotary drum granulator, stirring-tooth drum granulator, flat die pellet mill, etc. Therefore, the whole set of organic fertilizer production line collocation, are also very different.