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Market situation of organic fertilizer production equipment project

Due to the strong support of national policy for organic fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer has been widely used in the agricultural field, and the use of organic fertilizer by agricultural growers is also very common. Organic fertilizer raw materials and production and processing of organic fertilizer have formed a very mature industrial chain, and the market demand is also expanding. These market quotations also led to the enthusiasm of agricultural personnel to invest in organic fertilizer production equipment.

The development of organic fertilizer production line benefits from the continuous expansion of market demand for organic fertilizer, and the application of organic fertilizer is due to the gradual strengthening of people's awareness of green environmental protection. In the early stage of agriculture, the pursuit of yield and the vigorous application of chemical fertilizers have already caused damage to the land. The soil activity is reduced and the soil hardens seriously. Although NPK fertilizer production line provides multi nutrient compound fertilizer, it can not offset the effect of organic fertilizer. At this time, people found that the early organic fertilizer, that is, livestock manure, straw compost, can alleviate this problem, so organic fertilizer began to popularize.
 organic fertilizer production equipment organic fertilizer production equipment

In fact, organic fertilizers have indeed solved a series of soil problems caused by excessive application of chemical fertilizers, which has allowed potential farmers, breeders and investors to see potential business opportunities. Organic fertilizer production lines have begun to be applied in China, and market demand has continued Increase, bring considerable benefits to investors. Internationally, more and more people are investing in organic fertilizer production projects.

In the production and processing of organic fertilizer, compost fermentation is required. For the treatment of manure waste, although the process flow used in the world is roughly the same, namely solid-liquid separation, oxygen-consuming fermentation. However, for the aquaculture industry operating under low profit, the investment required to construct such manure treatment facilities is too large and the operating costs are too high. The compost turning machine facilities have low investment, low operating cost and high efficiency. This method of manure treatment has become the fundamental solution to the pollution of the breeding industry.