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Grasp the details of fertilizer manufacturing and process high quality organic fertilizer

The product quality of inorganic fertilizer is mainly determined by the process of NPK fertilizer production line. The main factors that determine the quality of organic fertilizer are as follows. First, the quality of raw materials; second, the control of fermentation technology; third, the processing of organic fertilizer. The raw material range of organic fertilizer is generally wide: there are livestock manure, straw, bark, sludge and so on, and livestock manure is the main raw material.

We recommend buying large-scale fertility products because they have mature and complete organic fertilizer production equipment and fermentation processing technology. For example, in the fermentation process, the composting equipment is used to process the compost. The complex flora composed of bacteria, filamentous bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes and other natural beneficial microbial groups has super aerobic fermentation and decomposition capacity, and deodorizes organic materials during the fermentation process. The processes of maturation, sterilization and nutrient conversion achieve "harmless" and "resource" treatment.
process high quality organic fertilizer

For the control of fermentation process, fertilizer plant must do according to the standard of oxygen consumption fermentation. According to the production principle of bio organic fertilizer, it is necessary to decide when to ventilate and understand the requirements of raw material moisture during fermentation. And whether to add adjuvant, what need to pay attention to things and so on.

Pay attention to the proportion of fermentation materials. If the C / N ratio is too high, the source of nitrogen required for microbial growth and reproduction is limited, the microbial reproduction speed is low, the decomposition rate of organic matter is slow, and the fermentation time is long; if the C / N is too low, the energy source for microbial growth and reproduction is limited, the fermentation temperature rises slowly, the nitrogen excess is released in the situation of ammonia, the organic nitrogen loss is large, and the odor is also emitted.

After the compost fermentation is completed, granulation processing is carried out. The material is made into organic fertilizer granules by disc granulator machine, which is easy to use.