Saudi customer visit Tianci fertilizer machinery factory

At the end of last month, Saudi customers came to Tianci fertilizer machinery factory to visit the equipment related to fertilizer processing technology. We have visited the office and equipment workshop of the company, introduced the whole fertilizer manufacturing process in detail for customers in the conference room, and answered the questions about fertilizer granulator and pelleting.
Saudi customer visit fertilizer machinery

As shown in the picture, we are explaining fertilizer granulator equipment to our customers. In a complete set of fertilizer manufacturing process, granulation is the key to the whole fertilizer production. The productivity of the fertilizer granulator machine, the resulting particle strength and the form of the particles directly affect the quality of the product.
Saudi customer visit fertilizer machinerySaudi customer visit fertilizer machinery
The conventional fertilizer granulator includes rotary drum granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, flat die granulator and disc granulator. Among these granulation methods, the disc granulator is more suitable for granulation of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, and the granulation effect is better. The disc granulator is mainly composed of a granulation disc, a spray system, a transmission device, a bracket and the like. In the production process, the powder material is conveyed by a belt conveyor to a granulation tray in a pan granulator. The rotating disc tilted 50°rotates together with the material. When the material reaches a certain height, its gravity and inertia are separated from the disk by the force and sliding along the curved path to complete the rolling required for granulation. At the same time, the liquid injected by the spray system will be evenly sprayed onto the rolled material to agglomerate into particles, thereby completing the entire granulation process.

We also designed a new type of organic fertilizer granulator, which is designed on the basis of the drum granulator. It is specially used for the granulation of organic materials after fermentation, with high production efficiency and good product quality.

At last, the customer said that he was very happy to visit our company, and thanked our company for its reception. He was deeply impressed by the good working environment and orderly equipment production process. The customer said that he was looking forward to further exchanges and cooperation.