Libyan customers visit Tianci plant fertilizer processing equipment

A few days ago, two Libyan customers came to Tianci factory to visit the fertilizer processing equipment. Our staff came to lead customers, visited our factory workshop and the whole fertilizer manufacturing process equipment.

As shown in the figure, the staff of Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers is explaining the windrow compost turning machine and the operation method of the machine to customers. The traditional production of organic fertilizer depends on the natural fermentation power. Some people directly transport the crop straw and manure to the field for application, but this practice will not only pollute the air, water and other living environment, but also cause harm to the crops. We need to use organic fertilizer fermentation equipment such as windrow compost turner to make organic fertilizers, and improve the efficiency and yield of organic fertilizer production. Windrow compost turning machine is suitable for small fertilizer enterprises and farmers. It is used to turn the organic compost of ground fermentation, speed up the fermentation of strip organic fertilizer and save manpower.
windrow compost turning machine site

Our staff introduced the batching system to our customers. The batching system is used to mix the raw materials in the fertilizer manufacturing process. It can mix many different raw materials at the same time, so that the fertilizer can be made into different compound fertilizer products according to the specific proportion. The machine can be designed into 2 warehouses, 3 warehouses, 4 warehouses and 5 warehouses according to the customers' raw materials. In the system structure, small and medium-sized distributed control system is used to realize the problem of decentralized control and centralized management. The batching system adopts the static weighing batching and the dynamic even distribution of materials, so that the prepared materials can achieve a good mixing process before entering the agitator, with the function of manual and automatic switching. When online, the console is far away from the production site, which improves the stability of the system and the working environment of the operator.
batching systemhalf wet material crusher

Then we introduced the equipment needed for the fertilizer manufacturing process, such as half-wet material pulverizer, drum dryer, cooling machine, fertilizer granulator, etc., and answered the customer's questions.