South African Clients Visit Tianci Fertilizer Production Equipment Factory

In order to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges, two South African customers recently visited Tianci Factory. Our technicians and managers received two visitors from afar. We introduced the NPK fertilizer production process for them, and gave them a warm welcome.

First of all, we introduced the development of Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers's factory, the main equipment and products, and our fertilizer production process. In the conference room, we answered the details of fertilizer production for our customers, and discussed the types of fertilizer granulator machine needed for granular shape.
South African clients visit NPK fertilizer production processSouth African clients visit NPK fertilizer production process

Then we took our customers to the factory to visit the NPK fertilizer production process, organic fertilizer processing process, finished product warehouse. During the visit, customers praised the solid production technology of Tianci factory and raised their thumbs.

Through one-day communication and zero-distance contact with Tianci plant equipment, customers'awareness of Tianci brand is enhanced. Two South African clients expressed confidence in the quality of our equipment and expressed interest in NPK fertilizer production process, they said.
South African clients visit NPK fertilizer production process

In recent years, the manufacturer of Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers has been playing a steady role in the field of fertilizer equipment. With its excellent products and reputation of honest operation, it has established a good brand image in South Africa, which is well recognized and trusted by users. Our NPK fertilizer production process has obvious advantages, which can change the size and shape of the compound fertilizer, make the land easier to digest, make the compound fertilizer quickly integrate with the land, and make the nutrient distribution of compound fertilizer even. At the same time, fertilizer transportation is convenient, so that particles can be directly packed into bags for transportation. In addition, the manufactured fertilizer can be stored conveniently. After drying, the fertilizer can be stored in the warehouse without worrying about the deterioration of the fertilizer.