Cambodian Clients Visit Tianci Biofertilizer Production Equipment

On August 10, Cambodian clients visited our factory to visit and inspect. clients want to know the information about the fertilizer manufacturing process and need biofertilizer production equipment. So we both had friendly exchanges in the company conference room.
Cambodian Clients Visit Biofertilizer Production EquipmentCambodian Clients Visit Biofertilizer Production Equipment

At the meeting, clients first watched the company's promotional videos. Our customer manager introduced the fertilizer manufacturing process for clients, and analyzed in detail the biofertilizer production that clients were interested in. Subsequently, the two sides introduced the situation of their respective companies. After preliminary understanding, the clients affirmed the fertilizer production equipment introduced by our company.

After the meeting, accompanied by the general manager, clients visited the company's office buildings and equipment production plants. The site operation, demonstration and explanation of the products of the compost turning machine that clients are interested in are also given. The compost turning machine is the main equipment in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. It is used for the fermentation of manure. The compost after fermentation is the important raw material for the production of organic fertilizer and bioertilizer. Clients are very satisfied with the high performance and high quality of Tianci's organic fertilizer production process and biofertilizer production related machines.
Cambodian Clients Visit Biofertilizer Production Equipment

After visiting and inspecting, clients have a deeper understanding of the fertilizer production equipment, confirmed our comprehensive strength, and in the subsequent conversation, the two sides reached further consensus on a number of cooperation intentions.

The organic fertilizer equipment and biofertilizer production equipment exported by Tianci Company are of good quality, and are guaranteed to be installed and sold. It is a well-known brand in China. We sincerely welcome customers from all walks of life and industry peers to exchange and cooperate, on-site inspection, visit and negotiation, we will be happy to provide you with high-quality organic fertilizer production process solutions.