Tianci factory receives American clients to visit NPK fertilizer equipment production site

In July, two foreign clients were very interested in our NPK fertilizer production equipment, so they came to our factory on the 17th to visit the fertilizer production equipment. These two clients are local farmers in the United States who need to supply fertilizer through fertilizer equipment to meet local production.

These two American clients have been in contact with our staff for a long time. After the professional introduction of our staff, they learned about the relevant fertilizer machinery. So they came to visit and prepared for the purchase of the next fertilizer equipment. Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional fertilizer equipment production company, we have our own professional equipment production factory. Our machine products are not only widely welcomed in China, but also widely sold overseas. Our equipment exists in many countries and regions. We have designed fertilizer production lines for customers in India, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries. The professional fertilizer production line meets the requirements of different customers and solves the problem of fertilizer production.

We first introduced the product types of our factory to American clients in the conference room. Our manager focused on the fertilizer granulator machine, fertilizer granulation production line and NPK fertilizer production line. Figure staff are explaining the process flow of fertilizer granulation production line for clients, and showing the fertilizer granule model. We explain the shape and characteristics of granules produced by different fertilizer granulator machines for clients.
American clients visit fertilizer equipmentAmerican clients visit fertilizer equipment

Subsequently, our staff led the clients to visit our fertilizer production plant and introduced the relevant machines of NPK fertilizer production line to the clients. The figure shows the roatry drum dryer and drum screening machine of the NPK fertilizer production line. We also led our customers to the nearby NPK fertilizer production plant to take customers on a field to observe the operation of the Tianci NPK fertilizer production line.
American clients visit NPK fertilizer production lineAmerican clients visit NPK fertilizer production lineAmerican clients visit NPK fertilizer production line