Saudi customer visit our plant's organic fertilizer production line equipment

On March 25, a Saudi customer came to Zhengzhou Tianci for a visit. Our manager and staff received the customer and accompanied him to visit our fertilizer equipment production line.
customers visit fertilizer equipmentcustomers visit fertilizer equipment

First of all, we introduced the development of Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. and its main products and fertilizer processing equipment to Saudi customers, showing the production capacity and process quality of our factory. Customers asked us in detail about the details of equipment production. At the symposium, customers recognized our introduction and appreciated the company's manufacturing technology.

We led our customers to visit the production site of fertilizer equipment. Customers visited our roller press granulator, drum dryer, screener, compost turner and other fertilizer production equipment, and focused on inspecting the organic fertilizer production line.
/d/pic/tianyici/news/customers-visit-fertilizer-equipment4.jpgcustomer visit organic fertilizer production line equipmentcustomer visit organic fertilizer production line equipment

At the end of the visit, the client said that the visit was very pleasant, affirmed our fertilizer equipment, harvested relevant knowledge of fertilizer equipment, and expressed his expectation for future cooperation.