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Application of bio organic fertilizer on fruit trees

Bio organic fertilizer is an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly fertilizer. Bio organic fertilizer has gradually become the trend of fertilizer industry production, this is several fertilization method on fruit trees.

(1) dipping in roots (0.5-1.0 kg bio organic fertilizer per mu)
When seedlings are transplanted, they are applied. First, the bio-organic fertilizer and fine soil were mixed in a ratio of 1:5, then mixed with a little water to form paste, and then the root system of transplanted fruit trees was immersed in the mud (the root should be dipped evenly, so as not to break the root and injure the root), so that the root of transplanted fruit trees was fully dipped in bio organic fertilizer mud before transplanting. After transplanting, the remaining mud was diluted into the root water and poured into the root of the transplanted fruit tree.

(2) Using bio-organic fertilizer as base fertilizer
The method is suitable for pear, apple, jujube, peach, grape, pomegranate and other fruit trees. 4-6 kg bio organic fertilizer per mu was mainly applied before and after fruit harvesting and 20 days before flowering. Dig 4 to 6 soil holes or circular ditches near the canopy drip line (with fibrous roots in depth). Mix bio organic fertilizer and humic soil fertilizer into the holes at a ratio of 1:200, and then water and cover the soil.
fertilization method of bio-organic fertilizer on fruit trees
(3) Irrigation of roots (1 kg bio-organic fertilizer per mu)
Root irrigation with organic fertilizer is generally used for topdressing of fruit trees. Bio organic fertilizer 1 kg was mixed with 200 kg of water to form bacterial fertilizer solution, which was irrigated in the fertilizer ditch dug at the root of fruit trees, and then covered with soil after the fertilizer solution had infiltrated.

(4) Bio organic fertilizer was sprayed on the leaves
1 kilogram of bio-organic fertilizer per mu, soaked in clear water at the ratio of 1:100, these liquids can be sprayed on the back of leaves. Spraying once every 15 days during the growth period, once before germination, after fruiting and one month before fruit harvesting.