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How does belt conveyor solve the problem of spraying material

Belt conveyor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, coal mine and other industries, which can be used to transport materials continuously. Belt conveyor not only can carry out horizontal transportation, but also can carry out inclined transportation and vertical transportation. It can assist in completing various process operations in the transportation of fertilizer granulation production line.
In the normal operation of belt conveyor, the problem of material spreading often occurs. The reasons for material spreading are various. Following are several solutions for belt conveyor spraying.
1. Dropping material at the transfer point of belt conveyor
It is likely that the belt conveyor is seriously overloaded to spread material at hoppers, guide troughs and other places of the belt conveyor. The rubber skirt plate of the guide groove of belt conveyor is damaged, the steel plate at the guide groove is far from the belt, and the rubber skirt plate is longer, which makes the material rush out of the guide groove. We can strengthen the maintenance in the daily operation, timely maintenance, control the conveying capacity of the conveyor, can avoid this situation.
2. When the concave belt of the belt conveyor is suspended, the material is scattered
When the curvature radius of the concave section of the belt conveyor is small, the belt will be suspended. The belt is far away from the trough roller, and the trough angle becomes smaller, which causes some materials to be spilled out. Therefore, the belt conveyor should be designed as far as possible to use a larger concave radius of curvature, to avoid spraying material when the selection margin of the belt width is small.
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3. Dropping material when belt of belt conveyor runs off
In the operation of belt conveyor, if the belt deviates, the two edge heights of the belt will change, one side is high while the other side is low, and the material will be thrown out from the lower side. When this happens, it is necessary to adjust the deviated belt in time and pay attention to the fact that the center of the pulley is always on the same horizontal line as the center of the bearing seat.