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Faults of mixer in fertilizer manufacturing process and how to deal with it

Mixture is an important treatment in fertilizer manufacturing. Whether the materials are mixed or not directly affects the quality and application effect of fertilizer particles. Mixer is also an important equipment of fertilizer granulation production line, so what are the common faults in the operation of the mixer, how to deal with these problems and prevent these faults?

Common faults of mixer machine in fertilizer manufacturing include burnout of motor coil, bending of mixer arm, damage of positioning bearing of mixer paddle, etc. The main reason for the above failures is that manual feeding is usually used in mixing process. The amount of feeding per unit time is extremely uneven, and it is easy to produce impact loads on the mixer. In addition, when the stirring arm is wrapped with wires, plastic bags, straps and other debris, the outlet of the mixer will be partially blocked if the agglomerated material is input, and the sudden increase of the load of the stirring arm and motor will cause the bending of the stirring arm and the burning of the motor coil. 
The effective way to prevent the above accidents is to add a 16-18mm steel bar welded grille at the feeding place of the mixer. The spacing of the steel bar in the grille should be 6-8cm. The size of each grille can be determined according to the diameter of the mixer. Generally, 2 to 4 grilles are made, each grille does not exceed 50kg, so it is easy to move when cleaning. In this way, it can effectively prevent large agglomerated materials from entering the mixer to produce impact loads, and can play a role in safety protection and prevent personal accidents. At the same time, it can reduce the impurities into the production system and increase the safety of equipment operation.
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In addition to the impact load, another main reason for the damage of the positioning bearing of the mixer is the lack of lubricant in the bearing of the agitator. Because there are a lot of fertilizer dust in the working environment of the bearing, the bearing is designed to be completely sealed. But in production, the bearing has a larger force, a faster consumption of lubricants, and the disassembly and refueling of the bearing is very inconvenient, so the bearing is easy to be damaged in the absence of lubricants.
The solution is to install a butter nozzle for automobile on the bearing end cap of the mixer and drill a 3 mm exhaust hole at the other end of the end cap. Butter can be extruded from the exhaust hole every time the oil is refueled from the nozzle. The extruded butter can seal the hole to prevent dust from entering people.