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Common faults and treatment of fertilizer dryer machine

Fertilizer dryer machine is the largest and most important equipment in the production line of compound fertilizer granulation process. The common faults of fertilizer dryer machine are unstable working current of motor, damaged bearing of supporting wheel and blocking material at outlet.

The main reason for the unstable working current of the motor is the sticky material on the barrel wall of the dryer, which greatly increases the working load of the dryer. The effective way to solve the problem of dryer barrel wall sticking material is to add special conditioner to achieve the effect of non-sticking fertilizer equipment by adjusting material parameters.
fertilizer dryer machinefertilizer dryer machine

The main reason for the damage of supporting wheel bearing is that the rotary drum of the dryer works unsteadily. Because the dryer barrel is long and the distance between the two supporting wheels is large, if the operation is improper, it will easily cause the dryer barrel to bend, and the center of gravity of the dryer deviates from the axis line, resulting in the unstable work of the rotary drum. The main reason for the bending of dryer barrel is that there is too much sticky material in the barrel and the quality of the barrel itself exceeds the steel property of the barrel structure, which results in the temporary deformation of the barrel; on the other hand, the barrel stops at high temperature and does not run for a long time until the barrel cools, resulting in the permanent deformation of the barrel. The method to solve the temporary deformation of the cylinder is to remove the accumulated material in the cylinder and recover the cylinder naturally. The way to prevent the permanent deformation of the cylinder is to stop the dryer at high temperature for more than 24 hours. First remove the heat source, stop for 30 minutes and then rotate for 10 minutes. After 2 hours, the fertilizer dryer machine is started again and rotated for 10 minutes. When the temperature in the dryer barrel is lower than 150 C, the dryer can stop. The specific correction work is more complex.

The blockage at the outlet of the fertilizer dryer machine is mainly caused by the falling off of the bulk material adhering to the cylinder wall or the excessive moisture content of the material at the outlet of the dryer. We can open an opening on the outlet guide barrel of the dryer and install a grille to discharge the bulk material and the material with excessive moisture content from the system. After crushing, the material is re-added to the mixer.