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Bulk blending fertilizer machine and NPK fertilizer production process

BB fertilizer
Bulk blending fertilizer (BB fertilizer) is a kind of basic fertilizer granules which are mechanically mixed. Bulk blending fertilizer machine is also a kind of mixed compound fertilizer production equipment. Bulk blending fertilizer can be obtained by mixing granular fertilizer formed after fertilizer granulation with BB fertilizer equipment.
The nutrient composition of single grain of Bulk blending fertilizer is different from that of the whole fertilizer. A fertilizer is sometimes difficult to meet the growth needs of crops and cannot prolong fertilizer efficiency. In the NPK fertilizer production line, some substances can not be mixed to granulate, so only after the fertilizer is granulated separated, different fertilizers can be mixed together and applied through BB fertilizer machine.

Main equipment of Bulk blending fertilizer machine
Bulk blending fertilizer machine can also produce bio-organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, mixing organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer to produce efficient comprehensive fertilizer. Bulk blending fertilizer machine is suitable for local sales. It can adjust the formula according to local market needs and flexibly change fertilizer products.
The equipment needed to produce bulk blending fertilizer is very simple, including automatic batching system, bulk blending fertilizer mixer and packing machine.
bulk blending fertilizer machine

Bulk blending fertilizer machine can effectively combine the advantages of various fertilizers, so as to balance the supply intensity and persistence of soil nutrients. Flow of bulk blending fertilizer production process is simple. The quipment is widely welcomed because of its simple production method, low investment, low processing cost and flexible production, which can quickly adjust fertilizer structure according to different formulations.