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8Technology of roller granulator used in compound fertilizer production line

Roller granulator is the key equipment for granulation in compound fertilizer production line. It has good granulation effect on ammonium choride, ammonium sulphate, ammonium nitrate, diamonium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium silicate, zinc sulphate, phosphorus pentoxide, etc.

Structure and Operation Principle of Double Roller Granulator
Double roller granulator adopts dry granulation process. By using a group of rollers, the material is compressed into granules with certain shape, strength, uniformity and smoothness depending on the extrusion force between them. According to the different roll die, it can be made into strip, olive, flat ball, square ball and other different shapes.
The double roller granulator transfers the torque from the motor to the reducer through the belt pulley, and drives the main extrusion roll and the driving gear to rotate on the main transmission shaft through the coupling on the output shaft of the reducer. At the same time, the driving gear drives the gear on the driven shaft to rotate relative synchronously, and then drives the rotation of the driven extrusion roll. Material from the top of the equipment into the middle of two relatively rotating counter-rollers, the counter-rollers will bite the material into the gap, the material is forced to compress into a ball with a certain shape and strength.

roller press granulator production line
The double roller granulator is produced by non-drying technology, granulating at room temperature and forming granules at one time. Because the roller granulator granulates by extrusion process, the drying and cooling system can be added or reduced in the compound fertilizer production line according to the production situation. Small-scale compound fertilizer plant can save the cost of dryer, cooler and energy, and produce economically. There are many kinds of raw materials suitable for roller granulator, which is widely used in compound fertilizer. The roller granulator compound fertilizer production line has the characteristics of low investment and high economic benefit.