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Compound fertilizer screening equipment - drum screening machine

Screening equipment is a very important equipment in compound fertilizer production process. Screening efficiency will not only affect the uniformity of compound fertilizer, but also affect the output and energy consumption of compound fertilizer production line. Due to its nature, many compound fertilizers have lower humidity critical points. In the production of compound fertilizer, the materials will adhere to the screen, which will seriously reduce the working efficiency of the screening equipment, resulting in uneven particle size of the finished product and aggravating the degree of agglomeration of the finished product. Therefore, it is very important for fertilizer manufacturers to choose an efficient screening machine suitable for compound fertilizer production.

A drum sieving machine designed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. can be specially used for sieving compound fertilizer granules. The drum screener consists of a rotating cylinder composed of a metal screen. The frame is welded with high quality carbon steel plate and channel steel. Material enters from the feeding end, rotates and classifies continuously in the drum, and evenly flows out from the outlet below. The screening machine effectively separates the finished product from the returned material, thus improving the working efficiency. The advantages of the drum screening machine are that the contact surface between material and screen mesh is large, the contact time is long, because it is single-layer screen, the screen mesh is easy to clean, and the screen mesh is not easy to deform. The rack of the screening machine can be attached with a beating device to break down the bonded material on the screen mesh, prevent the blockage of the screen mesh and improve the efficiency of compound fertilizer production.
fertilizer screening equipment - drum screening machine

The drum screener runs steadily with less noise, which is beneficial to the processing of the whole compound fertilizer production line. The compound fertilizer screening machine not only reduces the overhaul workload of screening equipment, but also effectively reduces the overhaul cost of other equipment, and solves the problems of poor screening effect and screen blockage.