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The great effect of humic acid fertilizer on reducing the use of chemical fertilizer

Humic acid is a kind of natural mixture of organic macromolecular compounds, widely exists in nature. Because of its unique physiological function, it has been widely used in agricultural production in recent years. In addition to improving soil, improving fertilizer efficiency and promoting crop growth, it also plays a very good role in plant stress resistance.

Humic acid fertilizer is a product made of peat, lignite and other raw materials, which contains a lot of humic acid, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and some microelements needed for crop growth and development by using double roller fertilizer granulator. Humic acid is a kind of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, which is a typical green fertilizer. Humic acid fertilizer manufacturing process is simple, double roller fertilizer granulation function consumption is low, particle nutrient balance, fertilizer effect is long-lasting.

The great effect of humic acid fertilizer on reducing the use of chemical fertilizer

1. Improve the soil.

The application of humic acid fertilizer can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, improve soil water and fertilizer conservation performance and fertilizer supply performance, and reduce the toxicity of aluminum ion and salt concentration.

2. Increase the available nutrients.

Humic acid fertilizer itself contains some available nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and some trace elements, and can promote the effective phosphorus, reduce the fixation of phosphorus, and improve the utilization rate of phosphorus fertilizer

3. It can stimulate the growth of crops.

Humic acid fertilizer can strengthen the activity of many kinds of enzymes and the redox process in plants. So it can promote seed germination, root growth, improve the ability of absorbing water and fertilizer of root system, increase segregation or branching, and mature early
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The application effect of humic acid fertilizer as a new type of high-efficiency fertilizer has been prominent. Under the same nutrient condition, the application of humic acid compound fertilizer to wheat and corn has shown different degrees of yield and income increase effects than ordinary compound fertilizers. Use fertilizer granulator machine and other equipment to process humic acid to improve product effects. In the future, humic acid fertilizers will play an important role in the use of chemical fertilizers.