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Three main processes of organic fertilizer equipment production and processing

The application of bio organic fertilizer in agriculture is the ecological fertilizer with the least investment and the best effect. It can not only effectively improve the soil, increase the water storage capacity of the soil, but also strengthen the buffering effect of the soil on the absorption and release of mineral elements. Organic fertilizer production equipment has been widely recognized and popularized in China's agricultural production.

The whole process of organic fertilizer production can be simply divided into three processes: pre-fermentation treatment, compost fermentation, and granulation.

1. Pre fermentation treatment

After the compost raw materials are transported to the storage yard, weighed by the scale, sent to the mixing and mixing device (with clear water), then add the organic biological fermentation complex bacteria (1-2kg for each ton of raw materials), adjust the proportion and water according to the ingredients of raw materials, and enter the next process after mixing. Note: Compost raw materials should be treated several hours in advance and soaked with water. The water used to dilute the biological fermentation bacteria should be drinking water without disinfectant.
organic fertilizer fermentation

2. Compost fermentation

The mixed raw materials are sent to the primary fermentation workshop by loader and piled up into fermentation piles. At the same time, the raw materials are turned over for about 2 days, and water and nutrients are added. The fermentation temperature is controlled at 50 ℃-65 ℃, and aerobic fermentation is carried out. During the fermentation, the raw materials are stirred and mixed by windrow turner or tank turner, and the fermentation cycle is about 10 days. Every day, one raw material is imported to produce one semi-finished product, which can stably and continuously recycle the output. After the semi-finished product is discharged, it is ready to enter the next process.

3. Granulation after raw materials

The finished compost products are crushed, and then they are granulated by the fertilizer granulator machine. The particles are sent to the dryer for drying, and various additives are added according to the proportion, and then they are stirred and mixed to make the finished products, and then they are put into storage for drying and preservation after sub loading. Return the material on screen to the crushing process for further operation.