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Several methods of animal manure treatment and application of organic fertilizer equipment

There are many ways to use animal manure to turn waste into treasure. Proper use of animal manure can produce huge economic benefits. It is of great significance for ecological cycle to produce high-efficiency organic fertilizer with organic fertilizer equipment.

Digestion of low-grade animals
Low-grade animals such as earthworms and snails were used to treat animal manure, decompose it, and provide protein feed and organic fertilizer for the development and growth of livestock and poultry. By the physical and chemical action of earthworms, as well as the biochemical action in vivo, a large amount of carbon can be eliminated. This measure is economical and ecological. However, earthworms can not be raised directly by feces. Only by changing their chemical and physical properties can they be suitable for the growth of earthworms and produce considerable economic benefits.  

Composting fermentation
Composting fermentation is to use aerobic fermentation technology, under the sufficient oxygen supply of compost turning equipment, through a large number of degradation of organic carbon, killing harmful microbial parasites and so on, the organic matter in livestock and poultry manure is converted into water and carbon dioxide, so as to achieve the effect of treating feces and reducing odor. Modern industrial production technology of commercial organic fertilizer is mature, organic fertilizer equipment is highly specialized, treatment efficiency is high, composting, granulation production line is integrated, organic fertilizer efficiency is high and quality is good. Fermentation by composting is an extensive economic treatment method. Disc granulator production line, drum granulator production line, flat die granulator production line, new type organic fertilizer production line can be used for further processing of organic fertilizer.
animal manure treatment of organic fertilizer equipment
Tower fermentation
Mainly dealing with clean chicken, pig, sheep, cattle and other excrement, the feces were introduced into the multi-layer fermentation tower through the inoculation of the fast fermentation inoculant, and the active organic fertilizer was produced by aeration and automatic fermentation. The water content was less than 20%. The method has a short fermentation time, only about 5 days, and occupies a small area. With the auxiliary materials (crop straw, sawdust, etc.), it can be processed into high quality and high efficiency bio-organic fertilizer through stacking fermentation and other technological processes.

Biogas fermentation
When feces are put into biogas digester, the feces fermented by biogas can eliminate parasite eggs, biogas residue, organic matter and total nitrogen and total phosphorus in biogas slurry are greatly increased. A large number of amino acids and beneficial bacteria in biogas slurry are beneficial to animal, plant and human life as well as the environment. The construction of biogas project includes pretreatment tank, biogas tank, sedimentation tank, fertilizer storage tank, biogas purification and utilization facilities, etc. It can be developed with organic fertilizer production line to process commercial organic fertilizer and so on, and carry out multi-way resource utilization of waste.