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What manufacturing equipment is needed for dairy manure processing organic fertilizer

How much is a set of dairy manure processing and organic fertilizer equipment? Farm breeding a large number of cows, if the dairy manure is not treated in time, it will pollute the surrounding environment, so it is necessary to buy a set of cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment.

There are many kinds of cow dung processing equipment. If we want to make cow dung powder fertilizer, we only need to buy a cow dung compost turning machine, a organic fertilizer crusher and a organic fertilizer screening machine; if we want to make cow dung granular fertilizer, we only need to add another cow dung organic fertilizer granulator, a pellet throwing machine and an automatic packaging scale.
dairy manure organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment

The price of a set of fertilizer manufacturing equipment for processing dairy manure depends on the equipment selection of each link. In the early stage, users who have just come into contact with organic fertilizer projects and whose market of organic fertilizer is not very broad can buy a set of small-scale organic fertilizer equipment to put into operation, and in the later stage, according to the market, increase fertilizer equipment to expand production.